We produce plate, belt, screw, wire and modular conveyors.

We even make plate conveyors at bends of both 90° and 180° with a belt plate made of either plastic or stainless steel.  The resilient construction of the sideboards and railings, combined with stainless steel and plastic sidings predestines these conveyors for a long working lifespan.


We produce straight inspection belt conveyors or elevated belt conveyors. Once or twice bent with bellows and trusses. The belts are guided by a central wedge and this prevents movement to the sides and thus extends the lifespan of the belt.


Screw conveyors are produced in trough and tubular configurations. Trough versions area easier to clean and are used to move wet products. Tubular conveyors are primarily used to move dry mixtures. A packing system is used on most screw conveyors at the transition between the shafts and the gear box. The gearbox is always mounted directly on the screw shaft without any unnecessary reductions. Sliding or sealed ball bearings are used.


Wire mesh conveyors are specially designed applying the basic structure of a belt conveyor, but using a continuous wire mesh belt. These conveyors are constructed using stainless steel profile sides. The drive wheel and friction strips are made of durable food grade plastic. Sealed bearings are standard.


We produce all of our conveyors in a completely stainless steel design.