Machinery and complete lines

We concentrate on production, repairs, adjustments of various machines and service lines, especially within the food processing industry. This industry requires machines and service lines made of stainless steel. It is primarily stainless steel made under DIN 1.4301. Considering the diversity of the machines used in the food processing industry, the customer may opt for any kind of material according to the needs and norms that the machine will need to meet. Consultation with the customer and potential counselling are also very important in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the machine or service line.  The food processing machines that we produce include:

  • plastic turners for turning glass objects
  • coring machine
  • cabbage shredder
  • brush, air or pump washers
  • fillers
  • steam peelers
  • continuous cabbage leaf stripper
  • blanchers

We supply directions for use and declaration of conformity with any new machine or service line.

We also have older machines and devices available that could be reconditioned and then supplied to a customer. Some machines are more expensive, which is why this option is much more acceptable for smaller companies.